“Living Stories” Oral History Project


The James Gillespie’s catchment area is one of the most historic areas of the capital city.  Encompassing Marchmont and Bruntsfield, this community boasts an important and vibrant legacy for Edinburgh.

The written and visual history, which is familiar to all of us, is fascinating and often all we have to rely upon to recall the people, places and events, which help our understanding our own place in the progress of time.  Oral history, when recorded in the moment, or through the memories of those living, can cast a new light on the previously recorded facts and illustrate and enlighten us with details that can so easily be lost in the wave of overriding important historic events and personalities.

This project captured those memories, historic and recent, of people living around the school and those who attended it, up to the students of 2007.

If you would like to listen to the recorded histories of those who took part, please email our Alumni Team. The full list of all participants

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