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Each week the Head Teacher, Neil McCallum, publishes a HT Friday update for staff, pupils, parents and carers. Some of the items are school-specific and some relate to the wider JGHS community. This page will feature items that might be of interest to that wider community, Trust members and JGHS Alumni.

Bruntsfield Links Tree Planting

If you have walked through Bruntsfield Links recently you may have seen some of the hundreds of trees that have been planted by youngsters from JGHS and the surrounding primary schools, aided by staff from the Parks department and volunteers from the Friends of the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links.
They have been planting only native species such as hawthorn, rowan, alder and oak. The trees are planted close together in order to form a better habitat for birds, mammals and pollinators as well as to provide a wind break and to cut down on noise pollution from the road.
The project hopes to resume in March 2024 when more trees become available.

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