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Message from JGHS Trust

Earlier in the year, members of the Trust had really positive discussions with both Pupil Voice, and the Parent Council, about working together for the good of the whole school community. We were looking forward to supporting the Basketball initiative, and the students on the S1 Residential, and had supported the S6 students in their Common Room project. The situation for all of us has now changed dramatically, and we want to remind teachers, parents, carers and students that the Trust can still be a source of support. Small grant applications are on our website or contact us on

Ann Henderson Chair JGHS Trust

James Gillespie’s High School Concert 2019

Once again the staff and pupils of James Gillespie’s High School have put on a fabulous Christmas Concert that showcases the pupil’s many amazing and varied talents. It was very much a night of music with offerings from several different choirs from the school community (including one for P7 & S1 children), the pipe band, junior & senior wind bands, junior & senior string orchestras, clarsach ensemble and guitar ensemble.

What makes the concert even more enjoyable is the way everything runs so very smoothly. Thank you to all – those on stage and behind the scenes – for giving us a great evening!

Book Launch

On Tuesday 3 December 2019, former pupil Norma Allan launched her new book ‘Box Hats and Blue Stockings’ – a collection of memories and other memorabilia from the era of the Girls’ School. The event took place in Riddle’s Court, off Lawnmarket, and many alumni came to hear about the book, chat with friends and generally enjoy pleasant company on a chilly December afternoon.

James Gillespie’s Trust was delighted to support Norma’s book launch and several Trustees attended (Ann Henderson, chair, on right of Norma). If you would like a copy of the book but were unable to attend the event, please email the Trust at and we will pass on your request.

Plaques for the School

After the new school was complete, the Trust thought it would be good to have plaques installed at various points to help to explain why the buildings have the special names that they have. Sixth year pupils had been asked to suggest names for each of the buildings based on people with characteristics they admired, and these were their choices:

Plaque about James Gillespie's High School
  • Malala Yousafzai for the Main Teaching Block
  • Eric Liddell for the Sports Building
  • Muriel Spark for the Expressive Arts building

In addition, we commissioned plaques for the Alison Laidlaw Memorial Garden, Bruntsfield House, James Gillespie and the school itself.

Plaque for the Alison Laidlaw Memorial Garden

Now, if you walk round the school campus, the plaques will help you to understand a little better why the buildings have these names.

A New Home for James Gillespie

For many years the marble bust of James Gillespie looked down on pupils at the school but, at some point when the new school was being built, James Gillespie lost his home and his viewpoint.

Marble bust of James Gillespie

Keen to restore him to his former position, James Gillespie’s Trust commissioned Mr Andrew Digance, teacher of Design and Technology at James Gillespie’s High School, to create a cabinet to display the bust.

And we are delighted with the result! Crafted from American Oak and with a glass casing to protect the bust of James Gillespie, the cabinet also has lighting to highlight it. It is sited in the reception area of the school. Thanks to Andrew for such a beautiful piece of work, worthy of the founder of James Gillespie’s High School!

Founder’s Day 2019

After a gap of several years, Mr Macdonald, headteacher of James Gillespie’s High School has reinstated the old tradition of celebrating Founder’s Day. This year the event was attended by all first year pupils and the members of James Gillespie’s Trust were invited as special guests. The theme for this year’s Founder’s Day was “The Year of the Young Person”.

classical guitar group at James Gillespie's High School

We were entertained by a classical guitar group, and Sorcha played a piece on the clarsach. In keeping with the reason for the event Mr Macdonald spoke about James Gillespie, setting him in the context of the times in which he lived. Because the tobacco he imported for his snuff manufacture came from Virginia, USA, his trade was associated with slavery, as were so many businesses of that time. But, with no heirs for his substantial estate, when he died he left a very generous sum of money to fund a hospital and also a school for boys aged six to twelve.

Ann Henderson, guest speaker at James Gillespie's High School

Guest speaker Ann Henderson, former pupil of James Gillespie’s, chair of James Gillespie’s Trust and Rector of Edinburgh University, spoke about her experiences growing up in Edinburgh and the importance of treating everyone with kindness and respect. At a time when there is often a marked lack of kindness and compassion in the world, this topic was particularly appropriate and well received.

S1 choir singing the school song at James Gillespie's High School

But Founder’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a rendition of the old school song, a piece of music that I’m quite sure many of you will remember! The S1 choir certainly did us proud! It was a lovely event and, as Mr Macdonald says, we can learn so much from the past and it’s lovely to keep old traditions alive.

JGHS Christmas Concert

James Gillespie’s Christmas Concert, held in the Usher Hall, is the culmination of several months of planning and rehearsing. The concert showcases the many and varied talents enjoyed by the school community: music from the Gaelic choir, the Clarsach group, the wind band, the pipe band and several others.

The school staff and pupils had worked extremely hard to put on a most enjoyable concert and overcoming the undoubted challenge of getting so many people on and off stage at different times was most impressive. Well done to all who gave us such a wonderful event!

Muriel Spark Book Event

The Spark Theatre in James Gillespie’s High School was the venue for a very special event to celebrate the centenary year of the birth of Muiriel Spark, illustrious former pupil of the school. Jane Fowler, in conversation with journalist and writer Alan Taylor, entertained us with stories and anecdotes of Alan’s friend Muriel. Birlinn, the publisher of all Muriel Spark’s novels, gifted a complete set of them to the school. 

One of our very special guests was Mrs Doris Keir, a former classmate of Muriel. It was great to hear about another side of Muriel, and I think we all left the school that night feeling that we knew her and her work a little bit better.

Muriel Spark Walk

To honour the centenary of Muriel Spark’s birth, Councillor Melanie Main helped to arrange the Naming Ceremony of one of the paths crossing Bruntsfield Links, a path that Muriel herself would have trod on her way to school each day. Aptly the path is now called Muriel Spark Walk. Former pupil Olga Wojtas was invited to officially open the path on Friday 8 June 2018.

Tour of the Old JGHS Building

The red sandstone building overlooking Bruntsfield Links was home to James Gillespie’s High School for 52 years, from 1914 to 1966. It is now used by Edinburgh University as student residences and so we have had no access to it for many years. However in April the Accommodation Officer for Edinburgh University student residences very kindly facilitated a visit to the building by alumni. As you can imagine, although we only had access to the stairs & corridors, the visit rekindled many memories of time spent there.

The icing on the gingerbread was an invitation from the new James Gillespie’s High School to call in for refreshments and a chat, with some S1 pupils taking the alumni round their own new school building. A learning experience for everyone! Sheila Donaldson brought photos with her of her time in primary and in secondary. Thanks for sharing them, Sheila!

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